How Clean is your Toothbrush, Sports Mouth Guard, or Dental Appliance?

Did you know? Studies show that an exposed toothbrush, mouth guard or dental appliance is subject to multiple surface and airborne microbes.  You are at risk for contamination when these items are not protected or stored properly.

The solution....Advanced Barrier Science by IntelliDent!

"Protection by Prevention"

Intellident Toothbrush Shield/ Oral Care/ Toothbrush Care Prevention

intellident Toothbrush Shield Toothbrush Shields Oral Care Toothbrush Care Prevention

IntelliDent MouthGuard Shield - NOW AVAILABLE!

>Protect your athletic mouth guard, orthodontic retainers and most dental appliances.

>Replace those plastic covers and cases which are breeding grounds for bacteria.

>MouthGuard Shield works like the Toothbrush Shield wisking away moisture and providing a barrier from airborne and surface bacteria.

IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield

> Breathable, quick drying shield that acts like a surgical mask for your toothbrush.

> Laboratory tested 99.9% effective barrier against surface and airborne bacteria.

> Replaces plastic caps and holders that trap and breed bacteria.

> Ideal for travel, home, work and everywhere in between.

> Disposable and effective up to 7 days!

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