"It works like a surgical mask for your toothbrush to breathe and dry while protecting it from harmful bacteria."

- Dr. Kathy Scures-Gutierrez, Doctor of Dental Surgery

the problem

Is Your Toothbrush Making Your Family Sick?

Ever feel like your kids (and you) are sick all the time? Colds and flu spread through your whole family all winter no matter what you do. You barely recover from one illness before another one shows up.

Your toothbrush might be the culprit.

Bacteria can easily spread from brush to brush when stored in uncovered toothbrush holders. Germs can even float through the air and settle on unprotected toothbrushes after a cough or sneeze where they multiply on damp bristles– the perfect environment for germs to grow. 

our solution

Proven Toothbrush Protection

This study found that each toilet flush releases a fine mist of toilet water, poo particles, and germs six feet into the air. All of it comes to rest on every nearby surface – including your exposed toothbrush.

Gross, right?

But now, you can fight back with proven toothbrush protection.

Our simple, breathable toothbrush shields are proven to block 99.9% of germs on surfaces and in the air, so that you can stop the spread.

Why Not Just Use Plastic Covers?

The Centers for Disease control warns about plastic toothbrush covers because they can grow toxic mold and bacteria. They provide the perfect breeding ground for germs to multiply. In fact, studies show that plastic covers increase germ growth by 70%!

IntelliDent® covers are different. The hospital-grade material is breathable and moisture- wicking, so your toothbrush dries out completely between uses and mold can’t grow. That’s why dental hygienists are calling them a game changer. It’s like a surgical mask for your toothbrush!

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  • IntelliDent® Toothbrush Shield

    ✓ Breathable, allows toothbrush to dry completely

    ✓ Wicks away moisture

    ✓ Blocks 99.9% of bacteria

    ✓ Provides conditions that stop growth

    ✓ Disposable and hygienic

  • Plastic Covers

    ✗ Stops air circulation

    ✗ Promotes mold growth

    ✗ Increases the growth of bacteria by 70%

    ✗ Develops a scummy biofilm

"An incredibly simple and affordable precaution to protect the most vulnerable immune systems!"

“This is something I often discuss during presentations; how germs from a toothbrush can be transferred from one family member to the next and how germs on toothbrushes can be a potential danger during cancer treatments with low blood counts and/or open oral lesions (oral mucositis).

That is where IntelliDent® Toothbrush Shields come into play. These disposable, moisture-wicking shields help toothbrushes dry out and prevent contact contamination. An incredibly simple and affordable precaution to protect the most vulnerable immune systems!”

- Jill Meyer-Lippert, Owner of Side Effect Support LLC

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Commercial Partnerships

Interested in bringing our products to your customers? We partner with dental offices, hospitals, and more to provide hygienic oral health solutions for their customers. Contact us to inquire about a partnership and discuss wholesale prices available for our commercial partners.

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  • “ I will never put my toothbrush in another plastic case now that I know about Toothbrush Shields. This product is so obvious that I’m surprised I’m just now finding out about it. I want to get the word out why wicking sleeves should be as universal to our lives as something like plastic baggies.”

    - Trish Walraven, Registered Dental Hygienist, BS
  • “I use these all the time. Not a pleasant thought, but most people’s toothbrushes are in the bathroom “splash zone.” That was one of the main reasons that I started using them.”

    - Dr. Keith Libou, Chief Clinical Officer, Delta Dental of NJ and CT, Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • “This is amazing! My toothbrush is actually dry when I pick it up to use it after lunch. I am so grossed out by the thought of what used to get on my toothbrush and the slime that would develop on those plastic covers that I will never go back. I love it for my kids too! So far we all have much less sickness this winter.”

    - Elizabeth Stricker, Registered Nurse, BSN, Mom of 2
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