>Jim Keenan, EVP & COO

Jim has an extensive background in finance and commercial banking.  He was instrumental in developing the initial business plan for the company as well as seeking investment capital to  support start up and intial growth.  With his 15 years of leadership and management experience, Jim will help Susan lead IntelliDent into the next phase of company growth.  

> Susan Klinsport, Founder & CEO

Susan founded and developed the IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield in 2008.  With her extensive background in contract manufacturing and being inspired to seek a solution to protect the oral health of her family, the Toothbrush Shield was born.  She collaborated with industry professionals, scientists, and laboratory experts for several years before creating this ingenious product.  Additional line extensions and new products are in the works, but the theory behind  IntelliDent products is the advanced barrier technology.  This barrier is unique, but simply put, it provides the protection you need to maintain good oral hygiene. 

> Lisa Smith, EVP 

Lisa's relentless pursuit of getting results is what drives her to put the Toothbrush Shield on the map.  She has been instrumental in gaining traction in the social media space; spreading the buzz about the Toothbrush Shield, but more importantly covneying our corporate mission...develop a new generation of oral hygiene products that promotes a proactive approach to dental hygene.  Our slogan of "Prevention by Protection"  will be the corner stone of future products developed by IntelliDent.

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